Earn a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

The master program at DPE enables you to manage the increasing complexity of projects in the petroleum industry and to achieve excellent results based on your broad education.

After the first semester covering the advanced petroleum fundamentals, you can choose one of these three focus areas: Drilling and Completion Engineering, Petroleum Production Engineering or Reservoir Engineering. You will spend the 2nd and 3rd semester in one of the three specific ’Master Classes’, getting an own workspace for one year where you are trained and supported by DPE lecturers as well as industry experts for the challenges in their future careers.

4 semesters
Full-time program
Classes in English
Starts Oct 2, 2017

1st Semester

2nd & 3rd Semester

4th Semester

1st Semester: Advanced Fundamentals

Petroleum Exploration, Well Placement & Field Development

The master’s program includes advanced concepts in the Petroleum Engineering domain that basically intend to deepen your knowledge but also require lateral thinking. You will apply your knowledge in projects that are done individually and in groups to train not only your technical skills but also your team skills, which is essential once you enter the professional world.

Geomechanics, Geophysics & Geomodeling

Now that you know how Earth was formed and what are the principles of fundamental geosciences is time to focus on our field of study, Petroleum Engineering. In Geophysics, you will obtain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of wireline logs and become familiar with the evaluation of reservoirs. Geomechanics is an area where you will comprehend the pressure and stresses behavior around the well.

HSE, Economics & Project Management

Key for your future work is safety. Health, Safety and Environment is the subject where you will learn everything what you need to know about the Austrian, European and International regulations and technical standards concerning these matters. Economics and Project Management will be more detailed than they were during your bachelor program.