Leoben’s Petroleum Engineering Community

Based upon a strong community of a leading edge University, Leoben’s Petroleum Engineering Alumni form a strong and lifelong network worldwide.

According to statistics of Montanuniversität Leoben, Petroleum Engineering (PE) is by far the most international study program at university bringing together students from a broad variety of countries. On the other hand, PE Alumni of the last 60 years work and live as Leoben’s hydrocarbon ambassadors all over the world.

Petroleum Engineering Alumni gather in the heart of Leoben

Petroleum Engineering Alumni gather in the heart of Leoben

Harald Tauderer

Department Petroleum Engineering as a hot spot in hydrocarbons

DPE is not only a knowledge hub for the scientific community and industry, but also a job-related emotional base of Alumni established during their studies in the heart of Europe.

The 60th anniversary of the Department Petroleum Engineering 2016 represents the initial conference of a bi-annual event to keep both Alumni and industry specialists informed about the latest technological developments and trends.

To stay up to date please share your contact details with Bettina Matzer.

The meetings in Leoben enable Alumni to reconnect with fellow students, meet old friends in person and experience the look and feel of today’s Leoben and its Montanuniversität.

Impressions of DPE's 60th anniversary

Impressions of DPE’s 60th anniversary

Harald Tauderer