1. Year

1. Semester (Winter)

Chemistry IA

Chemistry IB

Compu­ta­tional Exercises to Physics IA and IB

Introduction into Mineralogy and Petrology

Introduction to Petroleum Engi­neering

Introduction to the studies at Montan­uni­ver­sität Leoben

Lab in Mathematics I

Lab to Introduction into Mineralogy and Petrology

Mathematics I

Physics IA

Physics IB

2. Semester (Summer)

Compu­ta­tional Exercises to Physics II

Exercises to Mechanics IA

Funda­men­tals in Geology

Lab in Mathematics II

Lab in Statistics

Mathematics II

Mechanics 1A

Physics II


2. Year

3. Semester (Winter)

Electrical Engi­neering I

Exercise General Industrial- and Business Man­age­ment I

Fluid Mechanics

General Business Admin­is­tration I

Lab to Geology

Mathematics III

Mechanics IB

Physical Chemistry I (Modul 1)

4. Semester (Summer)

Chemistry II

Exercise General Eco­nom­ic Sciences and Business Admin­is­tration II

General Business Admin­is­tration II

Mechanische Technologie PE

Mining law (including admin­is­tration law and labor legislation)

Numerical Methods I

Numerical Methods I Practical

Petrophysics of Reservoir Rocks

Physical Chemistry I Laboratory Course

Scientific Pro­gram­ming

Thermo­dy­namics and Heat Transfer

3. Year

5. Semester (Winter)

Applied Geophysics

Drilling Engi­neering and Well Design

Drilling engi­neering and Well Design Practical

Geophysical Well Logging

Oil and Gas Production Principles

Oil and Gas Production Principles Practical

Petroleum Eco­nom­ics

Reservoir Engi­neering 1

Scientific Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Petroleum...

6. Semester (Summer)

Bachelor Thesis Seminar - Petroleum Engi­neering

Completion Engi­neering and Well Design

Completion Engi­neering and Well Design Practical

Flow in Porous Media

Lab in Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Geology

Reservoir Fluids

Sedi­men­tology for Petroleum Engineers

Sedi­men­tology for Petroleum Engineers Lab