1. Year

1. Semester (Winter)

Chemistry 0

Chemistry IA

Chemistry IB

Compu­ta­tional Exercises to Physics IA and IB

Introduction into Mineralogy and Petrology

Introduction to Petroleum Engi­neering

Introduction to the studies at Montan­uni­ver­sität Leoben

Lab in Mathematics I

Lab to Introduction into Mineralogy and Petrology

Mathematics 0

Mathematics I

Physics 0

Physics IA

Physics IB

2. Semester (Summer)

Artificial Lift Systems and EOR Production Technology

Artificial Lift Systems for Reservoir Engineers

Automated Data Acquisition

Compu­ta­tional Exercises to Physics II

Exercises to Mechanics IA

Funda­men­tals in Geology

Lab in Mathematics II

Lab in Statistics

Mathematics II

Mechanics 1A

Physics II


Well Testing and Wellbore Heat Transfer

2. Year

3. Semester (Winter)

Compu­ta­tional Solids Mechanics

Electrical Engi­neering I

Engi­neering Thermo­dy­namics

Exercise General Industrial- and Business Man­age­ment I

Flow Assurance, Well Intervention and Workover

Fluid Storage Facilities

General Business Admin­is­tration I

Green Hydrogen Technology

Lab to Geology

Lab to Geology

Mathematics III

Mechanics IB

On- and Offshore Production Facilities & Water Processing

Physical Chemistry I (Modul 1)

Production Data Analysis and Modelling

Subsurface Production System and Wellbore Heat Transfer

3. Semester (Winter) or 4. Semester (Summer)

Natural Gas and CO2 Technology

4. Semester (Summer)

Chemistry II

Exercise General Eco­nom­ic Sciences and Business Admin­is­tration II

Exercises to Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

General Business Admin­is­tration II

Lab in Numerical Methods I

Mechanische Technologie PE

Mining law (including admin­is­tration law and labor legislation)

Numerical Methods I

Petrophysics of Reservoir Rocks

Scientific Pro­gram­ming

3. Year

5. Semester (Winter)

Applied Geophysics

Drilling Engi­neering and Well Design

Drilling engi­neering and Well Design Practical

Geophysical Well Logging

Oil and Gas Production Principles Practical

Petroleum Eco­nom­ics

Reservoir Engi­neering 1

Scientific Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Petroleum...

5. Semester (Winter) or 6. Semester (Summer)

Oil and Gas Production Principles

6. Semester (Summer)

Bachelor Thesis Seminar - Petroleum Engi­neering

Completion Engi­neering and Well Design

Completion Engi­neering and Well Design Practical

Flow in Porous Media

Lab in Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Geology

Reservoir Fluids

Sedi­men­tology for Petroleum Engineers

Sedi­men­tology for Petroleum Engineers Lab