1. Year

1. Semester (Winter)

Advanced Borehole Geophysics

Advanced Petroleum Eco­nom­ics Seminar

Advanced Petroleum Eco­nom­ics Seminar

Compu­ta­tional Continuum Mechanics

Flow of Fluids in Wells and Pipes

Material Engi­neering in the Oil and Gas Industry

Mathe­mat­ical Foundations for Data Measure­ment

The O&G Industry Machine and Equipment Design & Simulation

Well Integrity

Well Placement

2. Semester (Summer)

During the second semester both Montanuniversität and Gubkin University students will attend lectures at Gubkin Russian State University Oil & Gas in Moscow, Russia.

Please visit the overview for further information.

2. Year

3. Semester (Winter)

Advanced Directional Drilling and Geo-steering

Advanced Well Monitoring and Analysis

Drilling Process Evaluation and Planning

Health, Safety and Envi­ron­ment

Measure­ment Control, Monitoring and Analysis

Well Construction Fluids Lab

Well Construction Mechanical Lab

Well Recon­stru­ction , Restoration , Plug and Aban­don­ment

Wellbore and Reservoir Geo­me­chanics

4. Semester (Summer)

During the last semester the Master’s Thesis is written.