1. Year

1. Semester (Winter)

Advanced Petroleum Eco­nom­ics Seminar

Formation Impairment and Stimulation

Generic Man­age­ment



Occupational Health & Safety

Petroleum Exploration

Project Man­age­ment for Industrial Man­age­ment

Stratetic Man­age­ment and Marketing

Well Placement

Wellbore and Reservoir Geo­me­chanics

2. Semester (Summer)

Advanced Geothermal Drilling and Completion

Advanced Petroleum Eco­nom­ics

Advanced Well Construction

Artificial Lift Systems

Artificial Lift Systems for Reservoir Engineers

Balancing, assessment (valuation) and eco­nom­ic aspects

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Human Resources Man­age­ment

Industrial Man­age­ment and Business Admin­is­tration

Industrial Risk Man­age­ment

MBA Basics

Metallurgy and Corrosion for Petroleum Engineers

Methods and instruments of quality man­age­ment

Offshore Technology

Pipeline Engi­neering

Principles of Shallow and Deep Geothermal Energy Recovery and...

Reservoir Charac­ter­ization and Modelling

Reservoir Engi­neering 2: Advanced Concepts for Conven­tional...

Reservoir Simulation Methods I

Reservoir Simulation Methods for Geothermal Engineers

Subsurface Production System Design, Flow Assurance, and...

Surface Facilities for Geothermal Energy

Systems Dynamics and Simulation

Water Flooding

Well Construction Equipment

Well Control

Well Testing Operations

2. Year

3. Semester (Winter)

Advanced Borehole Geophysics

Advanced Oil, Gas and Geothermal Energy Recovery

Advanced Well Monitoring and Analysis

Crisis Man­age­ment in the Petroleum Industry

Decision-Making and Risk Analysis

Drilling Process Evaluation and Planning

Energy Efficiency in Petroleum Production

Energy Transport and Network

Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fractured Reservoirs

Entrepreneurship in Oil and Gas Industry - Special Topics

Flow Assurance, Well Intervention and Workover

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Reservoir Engi­neering

Induced Seismicity

Macroeco­nom­ics, Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Measure­ment Control, Monitoring and Analysis

Natural Gas Technology

On- and Offshore Production Facilities

Production Data Analysis and Modelling

Reservoir Engi­neering 2: Storage, Seques­tra­tion and Geothermal...

Reservoir Engi­neering 2: Unconven­tional Resources

Reservoir Man­age­ment

Reservoir Simulation Methods II: Advanced Concepts

Special Core Analysis

Well Construction Fluids Lab

Well Construction Mechanical Lab

Well Construction Problems and Solutions

Well Integrity