Research Partners

Mastering complex challenges of today’s world and achieving results requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Academic partners with scientific know-how and laboratory resources as well as company allies with practical competence and a clear view on customer needs ensure that research projects are implemented with a holistic view and meet the requirements of the market.

Logo of OMV


With Group sales of EUR 19 bn and a workforce of around 22,500 employees in 2016, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria's largest listed industrial companies.

In Upstream, OMV has a strong base in Romania and Austria and a balanced international portfolio. 2016 daily production stood at approximately 311 kboe/d.

In Downstream, OMV has an annual refining capacity of 17.8 mn tonnes and more than 2,000 filling stations in 10 countries as of June 2017. OMV operates a gas pipeline network in Austria and gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. In 2016, gas sales volumes amounted to around 109 TWh.

Logo of RAG


Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG) is Austria’s oldest oil and gas exploration and production company.  One of its core business activities is energy storage. RAG has developed and operates its own storage facilities at Puchkirchen and Aigelsbrunn. A joint venture between RAG, Gazprom and Wingas operates the Haidach gas storage facility, and another, with Uniper, runs the 7Fields storage facility. Both facilities straddle the border between the provinces of Salzburg and Upper Austria.

Through its own storage capacity, which now totals about 6 billion cubic metres, and its activities as an operator, RAG makes a major contribution to security of supply in Austria and Central Europe as a whole. RAG is currently the fourth largest technical gas storage operator in Europe. The company sees itself as a partner for renewables and also develops geothermal energy and research projects such as Underground Sun Storage.

Logo of  Universität für Bodenkultur Wien

Universität für Bodenkultur Wien

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, the Alma Mater Viridis, perceives itself as a teaching and research center for renewable resources, which are necessary for human life. It is BOKU's objective to help make a considerable contribution to the conservation and protection of resources for future generations by providing diversity in its fields of study. Connecting natural sciences, engineering and economic sciences, we wish to increase knowledge of the ecologically and economically sustainable use of natural resources, to provide a harmoniously cultivated landscape.

An important feature of BOKU's research lies in its recognition of future problems and our efforts to provide and stimulate practical relevance, internationality and among disciplines. Interdisciplinary cooperation of scientists on an international level should help create comprehensive questions about the future of our planet and lead to innovative problem solving.