Apply for a Company Internship

An internship is an excellent way to apply theoretical knowledge acquired during one’s studies for practical skills needed for your professional future. 

Leading-edge companies offer internships to highly-motivated Montanuniversität students to get in touch with high-potentials. For students, internships provide an opportunity to improve their skills and practical experience. At the same time, companies can take advantage of talented students who in turn might get an offer to join the company after graduation.

Since students should look and apply for an internship by themselves,  the overview listed below represents those companies that commonly provide open internship positions to Petroleum Engineering students at DPE.


What happens if I cannot get an internship at a company?

Get in touch with the chair professor where you intend to continue your studies and address this issue to find a solution.

What happens if my internship is not applicable to my study program? Can I still fulfill the required hours given by the “Praxisbuch”?

Get in touch with the responsible person for the BSc internship at each chair and explain your problem you are facing.

How many hours of internship do I have to complete?

Former curriculum:
Bachelor program: 60 working days
Master program: 40 working days 

New curriculum:
Bachelor program: 80 working days
An internship is no longer part of the Master program.

At what stage (year/semester) of the program do I have to complete this internship?

The complete internship has to be finalized before graduation.

More questions? Ask Office Manager Patrizia Gäbler!