Research Infrastructure

Excellent hardware and software is the base for leading-edge research, service and lecturing

Montanuniversität’s ongoing investments in new infrastructure are the result of a long history of outstanding achievements. The DPE building inaugurated in July 2016 and the DPE laboratory building next to it, which is just under construction, are the most recent proof of the importance of DPE.   

DPE Building

Three chairs, one department, one building: Drilling, Production and Reservoir Engineering
High-tech, multimedia-equipped lecture and seminar rooms
Meeting areas for agile and open project discussions

DPE Laboratory Building

Leading-edge laboratory equipment and software for research, training and lecturing
Highest security standards for the building, lab units and processes applied
The research facilities of the 3 chairs will be concentrated in one building

Flooding & Imaging Laboratory

Imaging of fluid flow in porous media for investigating fluid displacement mechanisms
Leading-edge methods/units used are as follows: microfluidics, micro-computer-tomography-based core floods, interfacial properties by pendant and spinning drop, image processing, link to digital rock physics
Currently applied to Enhanced Oil Recovery, bacterial growth related to hydrogen storage, Carbon sequestration

Reservoir Simulation Laboratory

Various commercial reservoir and PVT simulation tools
Tough2 and ToughReact modelling for lecturing
Code development in DuMuX in collaboration with University of Stuttgart

Drilling digitalization Laboratory

Leading edge drilling simulator and for training and research
Real time operating center (RTOC) as used in oil industry in operations for well performance analysis
High end, mobile well control simulator for teaching and training

Well Integrity Laboratory

Compound material test bench for various compounds, new materials and evaluating aging effects
Flow loop to analyze cuttings transport characteristics and effects
Cement test lab

Pump Testing Facility

Sucker rod pump including the anti-buckling system
Artificial lift systems such as electrical submersible, progressive cavity and hydraulic pump
Leading edge control unit for various performance test scenarios

Simulation Laboratory

Oil & Gas Production Optimization
Optimization of Geothermal Energy Recovery
Sustainable Remodeling of Uneconomic Wells